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Project Take Back Inc. is a faith based non-profit organization committed to restoring faith and confidence while empowering, encouraging and educating those affected by domestic violence while also providing a foundation of faith that empowers us to conquer fear.


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Taking it one day at a time is easier said than done. The truth about patience is deeper than you may realize. Discover how this life-saving, life-sustaining resource can be your motivation and means for living in freedom today.  This journey spans over 365 days and is filled with Declarations, Affirmations and Encouragement to answer those silent prayers that you have prayed in some of your toughest times. We want to remind you to take it, One DAE at a time!

As Co-Author, I’m excited to share this journey with so many other powerful women of God. The reason I decided to be a part of this Anthology is because I’ve always allowed fear to keep me silent and stop me from walking in my purpose and doing those things in which I had been called to do. I have now vowed to truly step out in faith and leave my comfort zone behind.

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We Partner with victims in these areas to name a few


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We want to ensure that all of our clients who come to our organization have their own safety plan.  We hope that it never has to be put into action, but it’s always better to have it and never need it than to need it and not have one.  We help our clients to develop a personalized, practical plan that includes ways to remain safe while in a relationship, planning to leave, or after you leave.  Our goal is to teach our clients not to become survivors, but how to overcome their situation.Read more


No matter the relationship, each one exists on a spectrum.  Some are healthy, some unhealthy, and then there’s abusive.  We want to provide training and empowerment so that all of our ladies will recognize where they are on the spectrum and what to do in those instances.  Learning how to take preventive measures is crucial in any relationship.  The ultimate goal of every relationship is to be one where there is communication, respect, trust, and honesty coupled with the key: Genuine Love.Read more


The numbers don’t lie when it comes to this harsh reality.

Click to watch the video below to see the reality of Domestic Violence.